The Process Of Hatching Rutin Chickens For Beginners

I purchased this box with a thermostat! Less effort! First, find a thicker plastic bag with about 37 degrees warm water! Lay flat at the bottom of the incubator, the air bubbles out

After planting rutin chickens at the encouragement of my brother bought 28 rutin chicken seed eggs online to start my hatching experience! It’s better to have fun alone than to have fun together with me to experience the miracle of life!

I bought a simple version of the incubation box because I am a novice, so I purchased this box with a thermostat! Less effort! First, find a thicker plastic bag with about 37 degrees warm water! Lay flat at the bottom of the incubator, the air bubbles out, and the thermostat head fixed in the water bed. You can measure the temperature!

Remember to measure the temperature. This step is the very critical temperature at 37.8 degrees. Put a mercury thermometer in the incubator after 15 minutes to see whether the mercury thermometer is. And the temperature on the incubator is best to advance a day or half a day, and so the temperature is stable, you can put the chicken eggs to hatch!


The Process Of Hatching Rutin Chickens

Warm tip, the eggs bought online should be rested head up for 4 to 12 hours and then disinfected with potassium permanganate to 37 degrees of warm water for a minute. If the player bought it in the hands of individuals, you do not need to use only warm water to clean it.

The first three days of the incubation process do not need to manage. They must control their hands and curiosity not to move them so as not to affect the temperature instability hatching rate!

On the fourth day, start turning the rutin chicken eggs two to three times a day, and then you can take care of the eggs! The blood is fertilized eggs, and all transparent green is white eggs that can be taken out to eat. My first egg saw two blood! Afraid of their accidental injury, they separated to continue hatching eggs on the ninth day and found eight, plus the second two, a total of ten!

In addition to the waterproof ones! The rest can be taken out! On the ninth day, the temperature was adjusted to 37.6. And the frequency of turning the eggs was maintained at two or three times a day. Wait until the 14th day. Then, you don’t need to turn the eggs! At the same time, the temperature was lowered to 37.4, and water was sprayed two or three times a day.

On the fifteenth day, a chick was found pecking at the shell at night, and the chick’s cry could be heard. And all of them are big-headed pecking! The development is excellent. So I look forward to it! Spraying warm water more than five times! When I went to pour the water at 4 pm, I found 10 of them came out of their shells.

I can’t describe my excitement. I didn’t expect them to come out of their shells so quickly. Surprise, surprise, surprise, another one came out in the evening with my assistance. Still a dress, the only one dress first hatching can produce 11 is very satisfied! I hope they can grow healthy and let me realize the freedom to collect eggs.

The above is my entire hatching journey to share with you, I hope you can communicate more, and I hope it will help newcomers to hatch.

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