2022 Can We Keep A Rutin Chicken As Pet

2022 Can we keep a rutin chicken at home? The rutin chicken can be raised at home, currently cultivated. It has its original color, chestnut, pure white, three varieties, small and cute.

The rutin chicken is named after its eggs, rich in rutin, a component that can lower blood pressure. The rutin chicken, also known as the mini chicken, is the smallest in the world. Adult female rutin chickens are 12-16 cm long and weigh 44-75 grams, and males are even smaller, only 11-13 cm long and 30-43 grams in weight, which is basically about the same size as a newborn chick. Because of its small size, many people breed it as a new type of pet, and it is boiling, and more and more people want to raise rutin chicken. So can we keep a rutin chicken at home? Here's a look at the issues of concern.


Can we keep a rutin chicken at home?

The rutin chicken can be raised at home. Currently, cultivated rutin chicken has original color, chestnut and pure white three varieties are small and cute, can lay eggs, eggs, and has high nutritional value. Raised at home can be ornamental and collect eggs; no wonder more and more people raise rutin chicken. But raising rutin chickens should pay attention to these points.


The most important thing is to control the temperature. The appropriate temperature for adult rutin chicken is 20-30 degrees and 35-38 degrees for newborn chicks. It is best to hang a heat preservation lamp in the rearing box.


Rutin chickens eat more and pull more, so it is best to lay a fermentation bed in the rearing box. You can also choose the right bedding, such as rice husk, wood chips, tea stalks, sawn wood, soybean flour, etc. Add a little bio for mentation, which becomes a fermentation bed and can automatically decompose the feces of rutin chickens, which solves the taste problem.


Rutin chicken is small, and it should break food to feed. You can provide ground quail feed, millet, oats, beans, corn, and other grains and cereals ground mixture, with some fish meal, shrimp meal, and vegetables to ensure balanced nutrition.

Is it feasible to raise rutin chicken on a large scale?

It is okay to raise a few rutin chickens at home, but it is riskier to raise them on a large scale.

  1. One is that the rutin chicken is too small to feed on large particles of material and requires small feed particles, and there is no feed for this purpose.

  2. The second is the small size of the rutin chicken, poor disease resistance, and no mature disease prevention and feeding management techniques.

  3. Third, rutin chicken belongs to the sensitive nature of animals, with tiny guts, and is exposed to the outside world and people. Once a slight change, easy to stress, in addition to rutin chicken together in breeding, pecking fetish big.

  4. Fourthly, there is no market for the products of rutin chicken at present, their meat is too small, and their eggs are too small, so it isn't easy to form an industry.

Rutin chicken is an extraordinary chick bred from the cross between spotted-winged partridge and blue-breasted quail. Some regions call the cinnamon finch and rutin chicken because of their small body shape, colorful plumage, and high ornamental value.

So in recent years, artificial breeding has been fast in foreign Europe, Southeast Asia, and other places, and now it has emerged as an efficient breeding project worldwide.

However, if you want to breed on a large scale, it is essential to do an excellent job of market research before investing, and you can still consider it if you have a sale.

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