How To Raise Rutin Chickens In Winter

How to raise rutin chickens in winter? Rutin hens are not cold-tolerant. They must use warming equipment in winter and generally keep the room temperature above 10°C.

How to raise rutin chickens in winter?

How to raise rutin chickens in winter

Because rutin hens are not cold tolerant, they need to use warming equipment in winter and generally keep the room temperature above 10°C. The rutin Chicken is a bird of the genus Blue-breasted Quail in the pheasant family. It is slightly smaller than the common quail, with a body length of about 12cm and a weight of about 35-48g.


Cautions for home breeding of rutin chickens

  1. Generally need to put the chicken cage in a dry and ventilated place, and the cage space should also be as ample as possible.

  2. When raising rutin chickens, they should be provided with different types of feed. In addition to providing them with food such as cereals, bran, and rice bran, they can also be supplied with protein-rich animal feed such as earthworms and insects.

  3. The cages need to be cleaned and disinfected promptly, and the dry straw in the cells needs to be replaced promptly.

  4. Need to regularly vaccinate rutin chickens to prevent various chicken diseases.

How much humidity and temperature for hatching rutin chickens

What is the temperature and humidity for hatching rutin chickens

  • Temperature: At 1-10 days, the temperature is 38°C, while at 11-16 days, the temperature is 37.8°C.

  • Humidity: The humidity should generally be between 50-70%. At 1-10 days, the humidity is 60%, and at 11-16 days, the humidity is 75%.2、Living habits of rutin chickens.

  • The reed grouse mainly lives in the plains and low mountainous areas, often inhabiting the meadows by the riverside and in the high reeds of the marshes.

  • Generally, in the morning and evening, reed grouse will look for food such as grain and grass seeds in open areas. They also eat insects, spiders, termites, and other bugs.

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