We Are Raising Rutin Chickens, Landscaping And Egg Collection

We are raising Rutin chickens, landscaping, and egg collection. Rutin chicken is the world's smallest chicken, smaller than a quail. Quail eggs are small enough.

If you feel that life is too dull and want to have a pet, you think that small fish, birds, or turtles are too common, kittens, puppies, and do not have time to take care of, what pet to keep?

When you are torn, someone has opened up his pet road and raised a new realm, a new height in the pet world—achieved both embellishing the home environment and having the pleasure of collecting eggs every day.


This is raising Rutin chickens, and a group of people is committed to creating a luxury environment for pet chickens, a more than a luxury, a more than a warm. It makes me wonder. Raising Rutin chickens also began to roll inside.

Rutin chicken is the world's smallest chicken, smaller than a quail. Quail eggs are small enough. The eggs of Rutin chickens are even smaller, about the size of a coin. Although small, the Rutin chicken is a master egg layer like the quail, laying eggs about 300 days out of 365 days a year.

It is small and cute, and it can lay eggs, and the eggs are highly nutritious, so it is no wonder that more and more people are raising Rutin chicken.

Although it is cute, it takes some effort to raise it well, which is much more complex than raising ordinary chickens. The most important thing is to control the temperature of the Rutin chicken. The appropriate temperature of 20-30 degrees for adult chickens and 35-38 degrees for newborn chicks. Therefore, an essential thing to raise it well is to have a heat preservation lamp.

Some people specialize in creating a holding tank for their pet Rutin chickens to facilitate viewing the HD glass feeder, which is decorated. Put in the living room become a nice view.

Another essential factor it cannot ignore if you want to raise a good rutting chicken is how to prevent odor. If you have a smelly pet, you are naturally not in the mood to raise it.

Suitable bedding materials include rice hulls, wood chips, tea stalks, sawn wood, and soybean flour. They are all-natural herbal bedding materials, so mixed with a bit of biofermentation, they become a fermented bed, which can automatically decompose the feces of Rutin chickens, which solves the smell problem.

I suggest raising a few Rutin chickens is enough. Raising too much in the feeder will feel chaos but also destroy the inside of the landscape. The smell is also challenging to eliminate. I raised a male and three females who are very harmonious, and every day can collect a few eggs, the heart happy.

Rutin hens are small, so their food has to be broken up and fed. You can provide ground quail feed, or a mixture of ground grains such as millet, oats, beans, corn, etc., with some fish meal, shrimp meal, and chopped vegetables. This way, the nutrition is balanced, and the Rutin chickens will naturally grow well.

When a Rutin chicken grows well, it will lay eggs, a master egg layer. It can also hatch the fertilized eggs into baby Rutin chickens.

Put a small house, a few green plants, a few stones, a wooden fence, other decorations in the rearing box, some bedding, a heat preservation lamp, a feed bowl, and a water dispenser, and you have a simple reed chicken rearing box.

Every day you can observe the living condition of Rutin chickens, and occasionally collecting a few eggs is pleasant. No wonder raising Rutin chickens is addictive, and the more luxurious the Rutin chickens are built, it is the state of life, exciting and beautiful. Why not.

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