How To Build A Chicken Coop On The Balcony

Immediately take action with this idea of building a chicken coop on the balcony. And then raise two small hens, children look forward to every day to pull out eggs.

Immediately take action with this idea of building a chicken coop on the balcony. And then raise two small hens, children look forward to every day to pull out eggs, with our childhood model. I have always been concerned about the noise nuisance, but then I thought, there is no noise to try not to know if disturbing the people will drink soup.

Construction of the chicken coop

The chicken coop, a finished product purchased online, built its fermentation bed. The chicken coop is also a simple transformation. The chicken coop is expected to keep two laying hens, made of particle board base, with an anti-corrosion wood fence. And the depth of the fermentation bed to 30 centimeters, and the chicken nest is surrounded by PVC panels.


Because the chicken will grind the ground to prevent the bedding is polished, the interior laid two layers of straw, plus a 100W heater, the temperature can be maintained at about 15 degrees. The chicken coop is double-layered, with chickens moving around on the second floor during the day and being driven back to the second floor to sleep after night.

About the smell

The effect of the fermentation bed is perfect, with almost no smell, on average, seven or eight days to turn over. If you encounter even cloudy days, turn over more diligently twice a day to clean up chicken manure. The manure board is rinsed with water, spray disinfectant, and pick out the more obvious chicken manure.

And the manure cleans up after the uniform price, such as coffee grounds to taste, fermentation as a vegetable garden fertilizer, half a year or a year to change the fermentation bed.

About the noise

The noise could almost be ignored for a year, the balcony door closed, and the house could hardly hear the sound. I also asked the neighbors. Neighbors don’t know we raise chickens, so that the noise problem can be ignored.

About egg laying

The two chicks have gone from one to two eggs a day in the beginning to two to three. The situation of the chickens laying eggs is related to the feeding position. Infertile eggs are about 7 yuan a piece, and when the epidemic hit, it went up to 15 yuan a part, so we can save a lot of money a day.

About feeding and some minor details

Occasionally eat some leftover food, mainly feed. The main thing about raising chickens on the balcony is that you can’t be lazy. The chickens’ nests should be cleaned every day. Once in the morning and once in the evening, the balcony can’t be closed. The closed balcony does not have air circulation.

There will be a smell, a warm and humid environment, chicks will get sick, the balcony should have a big enough sink to facilitate flushing, etc.

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