The Most Comprehensive Health Care Measures For Chicks

The most significant animal pest of chicks is rats. Therefore, it should be unified to exterminate rats before brooding; the doors and windows should be closed by hand when entering.

  1. Strengthen feeding management to ensure good nutrition, which helps to improve the initial birth weight and neatness of chicks.

  2. Minimize chicks’ transportation time to avoid heat or cold stress during transportation.

  3. Avoid using low fats and high-fiber vegetable protein ingredients to ensure a healthy intestinal tract from the chick stage.

  4. Provide high-quality feed which contains various nutrients that can be easily digested and absorbed.

  5. Protect the health of the organism. Choose excellent water sources and supply clean drinking water.


  6. Follow the gradual change of feed to eliminate the evolution of feed stress.

  7. Strengthen environmental health disinfection and protect the respiratory tract. Prevent damage to the first portal of the body’s defense system.

  8. Strengthen bedding management. The bedding should be loose and dry, with no pollution. Suppose the moisture content of the bedding is too high or the surface of the bedding is slatted. In that case, the chickens will be exposed to wet and sticky bedding for a long time, which induces intestinal diseases. These places should be turned or replaced frequently to prevent damp bedding from worsening.

  9. Chicken house temperature, humidity, and ventilation must be monitored frequently. Ensure the control of bedding humidity to ensure that the bedding remains easy to disperse.

  10. In the chicken coop, sufficient minimum ventilation must be maintained. This minimum ventilation should effectively prevent the concentration of carbon dioxide and ammonia in the air in the house from exceeding harmful levels.

  11. There should be a high standard of drinking water management measures. Record the amount of drinking water daily, check and adjust the water pressure, and prevent the nipple drinker from leaking.

  12. Prevent the danger of mold. Usually, use more mold remover, mold inhibitor, mycotoxin decomposer, etc. Also, pay more attention to the infection of Clostridium intestine nails and the control of intestinal syndrome and mycotic enteritis.

  13. control coccidiosis. Cleaning, disinfection, and biosecurity measures. Essential in mitigating early coccidial infections, although ineffective in preventing coccidiosis. Drugs are effective against all species of coccidia, but there is the problem of drug resistance.

  14. Control of viral enteritis. The proven methods are mainly thorough cleaning. And disinfection during the empty house and strict biosecurity measures. The chicken house and surrounding environment should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during the open period. Most enteritis viruses are highly viable and challenging to eliminate. The presence of chicken excrement increases the stability of the virus in the environment and its resistance to disinfectants.

  15. strict immunization procedures. Based on the prevention policy, active immunization is by the immunization program. Immunization procedures are formulated differently according to the types of pathogenic microorganisms in the field or the region. Suppose the introduction of chicken chicks must ask for effective immunization procedures from the supply unit, such as the absence of a local epidemic of infectious diseases. In that case, such vaccines should be suspended to avoid contamination of the area due to vaccination. Only the occurrence and prevalence of such conditions to use such vaccines for immunization.

  16. Prevent death by poisoning and reduce the loss of animal damage. When using drugs to treat and prevent diseases, the calculation of the number of medications used must be accurate. Too much dose will cause poisoning. Adding drugs to the feed must be mixed evenly, combined with a small amount of powder first, and then gradually expanded to the required content according to the specified ratio. Do an excellent job of indoor ventilation. Beware of gas poisoning. All of these links can cause significant losses if there is negligence.

The most significant animal pest of chicks is rats. Therefore, it should be unified to exterminate rats before brooding; the doors and windows should be closed by hand when entering and leaving the brooding room. It is better to stop the doors and windows with nylon ropes; block all the holes in the room.

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