Rutin Chickens Kept As Pets And Laying 300 Eggs A Year

Pets can be broadly divided into two categories, and one is like cats and dogs. And These kinds of ordinary pets, while the others are snake’s lizards, which only a small number of people like pets.

As people’s living standards improve, more and more people want to improve their quality of life, and raising pets is one of them. Pets can be broadly divided into two categories, and one is like cats and dogs. And These kinds of ordinary pets, while the others are snake’s lizards, which only a small number of people like pets.

These two years on the network and popular a new type of pet. It can be as cute as a pet fun but also can lay eggs for consumption. The key in the living room of the fish tank can be raised, which in the types mentioned above of pets is unimaginable. This new pet is breeding more and more rutin chickens these few years.


The rutin Chicken is considered the world’s smallest chicken, only the size of a coin at birth. Even when grown to an adult female, chicken is only 12-16 cm long and 44-75 grams. The male chicken is even smaller, only 11-13 cm long and 30-43 grams, basically the size of a newborn chick. The rutin Chicken is a chick bred from a cross between the Spotted-winged Partridge and the Blue-breasted Quail over many years. It comes in three colors: primary, pure white, and chestnut.

Because of its small size, the rutin chicken is kept as a pet. As a type of bird that naturally lays eggs, rutin eggs are the equivalent of an accessory to breeding rutin chicken pets. According to the Zhejiang share, rutin chicken breeding netizens said did not raise the absolutely unexpected rutin chicken egg production can be so high. Every day to pick up eggs can be picked up by “soft hands” since the beginning of the fish tank inside the breeding rutin chicken never bought eggs.

Compared to ordinary chickens, the egg production of rutin chickens is very high. It is understood that in the case of artificial breeding, a rutin chicken’s annual egg production can reach more than 300. That is to say, the daily egg production of rutin chickens Peng Jun can get 0.82. From the video, the fish tank inside the rutin chicken should be about 40, and that day to pick up a day, about 30 eggs can be fully realized.

Some netizens are even more direct, “I will fish out the fish stew and transform the chicken house.” More talented people suggested, “You should change the fish tank into two layers, the upper side of the chicken, the lower side of the fish, chicken poop to fish to eat. And then you eat fish so that the ecological cycle.”

There are also netizens worried about raising chickens inside the living room. Will the smell of chicken poop not become a nightmare? Some netizens advise, “laying a thick fermented mattress material can solve the stench of chicken poop. I change the bedding material once every half month. It does not stink at all.”

If it is kept as a pet, there is no big problem with saving ten or eight of them. And especially since some netizens worry about the prominent smell of chicken poop. Someone said, “No matter what you keep at home, it is not the animals that love cleanliness but people.” “Will not stink depends on how diligent you are, with feathers are love clean.” Even so, before raising should be prepared mentally.

One, the name of the rutin chicken is because its eggs contain “rutin” ingredients and name. But that is field farming; home breeding feeding feed will not have rutin, so managing how much rutin is challenging. And rutin eggs are tiny, the fragrance is not as good as quail eggs, and convenience is not as good as eggs. The more critical is that the egg skin and egg white are difficult to separate after cooking. How to eat is not convenient. Wanting to rely on raising rutin chicken instead of eggs is almost impossible to do.

Secondly, rutin chickens are more aggressive, and some users who have raised them to share their experience of raising rutin chickens. The first night was fine. The following day there will be a head of hair was pecked out. The result is that the more you raise, the less you get.

Third, the rutin chicken eats more poop also more. Although the fish tank set is below the fermentation bed, the rutin chicken will also use the claw to turn the fermentation bed so that the top of the chicken poop flip to the bottom. But still, we need to change the bedding often. Replacement is not timely dry chicken poop residue formed by the dust will fly around. The bedding below may also have small worms if the summer humidity is relatively large.

Fourth, rutin chickens will not raise feelings like cats and dogs. No matter how to grow, they are afraid of people. And wanting to reach out and touch a few things is almost impossible, just as the saying “can only watch from afar, not profane play.”


Various online publicity rutin chicken video is possible, but it must take time and effort. If not, lousy money is no wrong time to raise to play, no problem. And if you are still running around every day for life and want to introduce to save money on eggs, then I advise you to give up, first to live a good life at the moment.

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