Rutin Chicken Raised In The House Stink? Rutin Chickens Laying Eggs On The Temperature Requirements?

Does rutin chicken raise in the house stink? Rutin chickens laying eggs on the temperature requirements? You can lay a fermentation bed under the cage.

Rutin chicken raised in the house stink?

  1. The general odor produced by raising Rutin chickens at home. If you want to eliminate the odor, you can lay a fermentation bed under the cage, fermentation bed from the bottom of the cage about 5 cm, and then every 1 week add 1 cm until the thickness rises to 10 cm. This way, there is no more stench, and you can keep the Rutin chickens home.

  2. Every day, turn 1 fermentation bed above the manure, turn the upper layer of waste into the lower layer, and at the same time keep the breeding environment in a dry state, which can reduce the odor.

  3. We should regularly disinfect during breeding and maintain excellent hygiene and cleanliness. Soybean cake, fish, and bone meal can be used in the early breeding and feed ordinary feed in the late stage.

  4. Rutin hens will start to lay eggs after about 60 days of rearing. It should keep the breeding environment at a constant temperature and quiet and provide sufficient feed.


Does Rutin chicken have temperature requirements for laying eggs?

Temperature requirements

The suitable egg laying temperature for adult Rutin chickens is 20-22℃, and the ideal temperature is 27.5℃.


  1. Rutin hens laying eggs for the first time will have a brighter color on their crowns and beaks and will keep chirping or walking around before laying eggs.

  2. When laying eggs, keep the temperature under control and maintain a constant temperature, not hot or cold.

  3. Keep it clean and add enough feed and drinking water to the trough and water trough.

  4. Keep it quiet so the Rutin hens can lay eggs easily.

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