How I Raised Rutin Chickens

When I was an elementary school student, I secretly bought two yellow chicks with my pocket money despite my parents’ objections. When you go to the park, you love to lie next to the plastic box to fish for goldfish.

Did you ever raise chicks when you were a kid?

When I was an elementary school student, I secretly bought two yellow chicks with my pocket money despite my parents’ objections. When you go to the park, you love to lie next to the plastic box to fish for goldfish. The house’s fish tank full of miscellaneous things is the black material of the love flooding back then.

Driven by the “rutin chicken fever,” the fish tank was converted into a chicken house to welcome those half-palm-sized chicks. Collecting eggs after work at a young age, you can taste the joy of “rent collection.”

A netizen’s life is ideal, from a cat and a dog into a cat and dog. And a tank of chicken. In the comment section of the rutin Chicken video, everyday people shout “so cute, wow” and “to get into the pit.” In contrast, others list multiple reasons to discourage retirement seriously.


What are people raising rutin chickens for? City chicken, this pit can jump?

Raising chickens in the living room.

Every day like opening a blind box

“Laying eggs -“

Hearing her family’s call, Lucy Zheng, who was on the phone, immediately rushed to the living room and looked in front of the rutin chicken feeder. She has been looking forward to that tiny egg in the grass nest for most of the month.

“Although I’ve eaten a lot of eggs, it’s the first time I’ve raised my chickens to lay eggs. I’ve been looking forward to it and watching the chickens every day when I’m free.” Lucy Zheng said.

The Luting chicken, with “chicken” in its name, is a cross between a spotted-winged partridge and a blue-breasted quail, about half the size of a quail. The eggs it lays are close to the size of a $1 coin.

Since receiving her first egg in early May 2022, Lucy describes every day as opening a blind box and finding eggs in different parts of the feeder. The whole family is very excited.

Lucy has been in the pit of rutin hens for over a month. She was busy preparing for her LSAT and was wrapped up in various chores during this time. During her breaks, she felt healed by watching the rooster deliver bread worms to the hen of her choice and looking at the chicks rutin around under the heat lamp.

Lucy is a 98-year-old girl with six cats at home and is a “big breeder,” according to her friends. She decided to raise rutin chickens in just 2 days from “planting” to growing them.

When Lucy was a child, she tried to raise the chickens she bought from the market. After they grew up, the chickens had to be sent away and eaten by others. She feels that “it’s more like making up for her childhood regrets” for not being able to raise rutin chickens.

Just one month after joining the Rutin chicken pit, she has already put three feeders at home, raising 20 chickens.

Lucy said, “Cats need a lot of space, they need to clean up every day, and the cost of raising them is much higher than chickens.”

Lucy spent roughly $1,500 before and after buying young chickens, feeding boxes, and fermentation beds. She explained that the cost should be much lower if she buys rutin eggs to incubate and reduce landscaping. According to the different patterns, a rutin chicken on a treasure sells from 20 to 40 yuan, and fertilized eggs are about 5 yuan.

As for hygiene, the novice did his homework in advance, laying a fermented bed containing bacterial powder at the bottom of the rearing box. And turning it over every few days to cover the smell of chicken excrement.

With the help of wood and acrylic panels, Lucy thinks the occasional sound of a rooster crowing is “negligible” in her house.

However, this “negligible” is different from person to person. Some live in houses with poor sound insulation and can hear a chair moving upstairs. So I’m afraid that the volume of the rooster’s crowing is like an alarm clock on the pillow.

Chicken manure will turn into fine ash after fermentation and will also be glued to the small and lovely scenery. The ash raised by the chicken’s rutin mixed with the fallen hair flying in the sky, enough to make friends who like neatness explode in place.

As a pet, rutin chickens also have insurmountable shortcomings – timid. Once the owner’s hand into the feeder may “explode,” the rutin chicken will be scared to fly around or even hit the feeder wall and faint.

If you want to jerk off like a cat or dog, there is no way. Some people quit the rutin chicken and jump into the quail pit because they can at least get their hands on one.

Lucy says, “The relationship with a rutin chicken is like a landlord and a tenant. I provide it with food and shelter, and it lays eggs and pays me rent, but ‘landlord’ and ‘tenant’ never get to be particularly close friends.”

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