Can Rutin Chickens Be Raised Together With Ordinary Chicks

Rutin chickens are generally not recommended to be raised together with ordinary chicks. The feed of different chicken species is other.

Can Rutin chickens be raised together with ordinary chicks?

  • Rutin chickens are generally not recommended to be raised together with ordinary chicks. The feed of different chicken species is other. The rutin chicken is relatively tiny. There is no way to eat the feed of standard chickens directly. They generally have to feed small enough particles of feed. If fed, vegetables and other green feed must be very chopped.

  • Rutin chicken, known as mini-chicken, uses spotted-winged partridge and blue-breasted quail. After years of crossbreeding an extraordinary chick, the newborn chicks are only the size of a coin. There are three kinds of rutin chickens: primary color and chestnut color. And pure white, especially the folding-color rutin chick, is more like a chick just out of the shell. And is the most miniature variety of pheasant in China, weighing not even an ordinary egg.


How to raise the newly hatched rutin chicken

Breeding box

The brooder can choose a simple cardboard box padded with suitable bedding materials, such as rice husk, wood chips, tea stalks, sawn wood, soybean flour, etc., which are all-natural herbal bedding materials. And hang insulation lamps in the cardboard box. At the same time, the temperature monitor is laid inside to monitor the temperature in real time. When the hair on the freshly shelled rutin chickens is dry, they can be put into the pre-heated brooder.


Freshly hatched rutin chickens should be allowed to stay for 2 hours before the first feeding of water. Prepare 37 ℃ cool white water with a bit of potassium permanganate, the color of the water is pink is good, not dark purple. After another 8-12 hours, feed available food. Note that you must feed crushed feed or chopped vegetables. Otherwise, they will choke to death.


Rutin chickens should be controlled at a temperature of about 35℃ at 1 week of age. The temperature can be lowered to 29℃ at 2 weeks of age. And the temperature can be reduced to room temperature at 4-5 weeks of age.


Should ensure that the brooding room is hygienically clean. Regular disinfection of the brooding space. The ground should be dry to avoid the rutin chicken's direct contact with the environment and getting cold. You can lay grass mats or sawdust on the bottom of the coop. Observe the growth of rutin chickens frequently daily to prevent the chicks from piling up. If piling up occurs, drive them away so that the slightly larger rutin chickens do not crush the smaller individual rutin chickens.

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